If you forget your password, or if the password doesn't work

Type your membership number in the username field, and select how you prefer to receive a temporary password. Then click Send. After logging in with the temporary password, you must change the password for security reasons. The new password must have 512 characters.

You can request a new password, if the unemployment fund has your current email address and mobile phone number.

If you don't receive a temporary password as a text message or email, please report the problem to tkassa@jhl.fi. Be sure to include you contact information and membership number in the message.

Please note that your eWertti password remains the same despite the changes in the union's services on June 11th 2019. If you change your password for the union's services, please continue using your old password for eWertti.

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  If you use a public computer e.g. library computer, please remind to clear the browser's cache memory after use.

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